Peaceful Forest Studio          安林健生馆

-- a sanctuary for healing and growth 


Peaceful Forest Studio offers both Chinese martial arts instruction and East Asian bodywork.


Grandmaster Anlin WANG is the current Principal Master of Wensheng School of Martial Arts. In 2008, he represented China, and carried China’s flag, at the Second World Traditional Wushu Championships and brought home two gold medals. In the span of ten years, he rose to be an eight-time champion at various international martial arts competitions. He has been teaching the art of Wensheng and other forms of martial arts including Taichi, Qigong, and Bagua (Eight Trigrams) Palm to students from the U.S., England, Argentina, Spain, Japan, and many other countries.


Grandmaster WANG is now available to teach previously highly guarded secrets of internal power practices and exercises that clear away imbalance, strengthen Qi and improve health and wellness, as well as Taichi, Shaolin, Qigong, Bagua, Self-defense and other forms of martial arts. The first class is always FREE.

王安林大师现已来到波士顿,开馆授徒,传授以往密而不传文圣拳养气练气的功法真谛,以及太极拳、 少林拳、 气功、八卦掌、摔跤、擒拿、散打、自卫防身术等等中国功夫。第一堂课完全免费

Grandmaster WANG is also a Senior Acupuncturist certified by Chinese Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine, and practiced in China, for many years, acupuncture, meridian-and-Qigong-based Tuina (Asian bodywork), and sports therapies and rehabilitation, specializing in treating a broad range of pain, fatigue, and chronic conditions including insomnia and obesity. He has developed a unique way of Asian bodywork that combines Chinese herbs (艾草), Qigong and tissue-pressure treatment. 




  • Qigong, 4-5 p.m.;
  • Taichi, 5-6 p.m.;
  • Wensheng, 6-7 p.m.


  • Shaolin (coming soon);
  • Taichi, (coming soon);
  • Qigong, (coming soon).


  • Self-defense (coming soon);
  • Taichi, (coming soon);
  • Qigong, (coming soon).

Location 地点)

 697 Cambridge Street, Suite 206, Brighton, MA 02135.

Contact (联系方式),  (978) 996-0617 (中文);,     (617) 254-0178 (English).

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